An afternoon with Philippe Dufour... to catch my Simplicity !
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The weather was cloudy and an impressive fog was surroundig the house of the master... A nearly mystic event :-) !

Philippe Dufour has a lot of fun explaining to my 4-years old son how to use this device ! When I ordered my Simplicty, my wife was still pregnant of this children.

Philippe Dufour shows to Ulysse the first watch he has made !

Listen to this Ulysse ! Isn't this sound wonderful ? Notice that Mr Dufour ir wearing... a Dufour :-) !

And... it is time for me to get my hands on my Simplicity !

After such a long wait... I cannot wait anymore !

I am so impressed...

And happy !

The details are incredible.

Doesn't the watch look great ?

I could spend my day looking at my wrist !

Look at those wonderful movements... (manufactured when the watch industry was not yet 99% marketing and 1% craftmanship)

It seems that my son likes the workshop.

Look at this...

"You know the Simplicity is a watch to live with, not to put in a safe"

My younger 2-years old son is also having a nice time here. Philippe Dufour is not only the best watchmaker in the World, he is also a very kind person.

Unfortunately, while playing in the workshop, my sons have destroyed a few Simplicities under construction... Expect a few years of delay. (I'm joking of course : don't worry they haven't touched anything.)

Great to hear Philippe Dufour's viewpoint on horology.

Oh oh ! The master is now playing with the little rabit of my son :-)

Isn't that a fantastic desk ?

Time for thoughts...

The very traditional workshop.

Order within disorder...

Machines everywhere.

Again, again...

Unfortunatley it's time to leave Philippe Dufour. A nice village around.

Back at home ! The watch is fantastic !

Look at this !

Even the box is impressive...

Just perfect.



Woops... My camera does not allow for a movement shot. Don't look at this picture. Just believe me : the movement is INCREDIBLE. You don't need to be a trained watchmaker to see the incedible difference with a Patek Philippe. Just another world. I can't believe what I see.

On the wrist...

Back again...


A few days later



If you want to see the movement, please go here (SteveG) :

art : Nicolas de Stael

and there (R. DeCorte) :

art : Nicolas de Stael

You can also visit my "non-official Dufour website" :

art : Nicolas de Stael

If you don't know yet Philippe Dufour, just keep in mind that we are not anymore discussing watches, we are in the world of art. Not only light years above Patek, Audemars, Breguet, etc. in terms of details and finishing but also, and most importantly, the watch has a soul.

If you want to see the full report high-resolution go there.